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Outstanding representatives of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and their awards

Faculty of Electrical Engineering University of West Bohemia credited many successes last year, thanks to their students. Several outstanding students and PhD students have been awarded not only in scientific competitions.

The great success of the students of the faculty was the first and third place for the best user project at the fifth annual event, the Technical Computing Camp. Eleven teams from the Czech Republic and Slovakia joined the competition and the students were asked to present their projects. The greatest success and first place was gained by a team led by František Mach with the project "Magnetically controlled robotic system for micromanipulation" (Martin Juřík, Jiří Kuthan, Martin Vítek, Jessica Fenclová, and František Mach). This project focuses on the research and development of a robotic system that allows contactless manipulation of miniature robots using a magnetic field. This year was this event supported by the Czechoslovak section of IEEE and the third divided place went to Jiří Muska and his project "Linear Peristaltic Pump". Conventional peristaltic pumps use a rotary motion to draw fluid, which is replaced by a coil movement in this project.

Other achievements of graduates have not been long awaited and in October at the 19th annual conference of Electrical Engineering and Informatics 2018 were awarded three students in different study programs.

Jiri Kuthan won the award for the work in which he examines key parameters for the positioning of magnetic bodies, and research is focused on the analysis of the basic parameters of coils used for positioning and topology analysis of robots.

Jan Zich is engaged in exploring the microscopic structure using CERN, its project is focused on the processing, and evaluation of data accumulated in collisions of particles in the accelerator, the purpose of which is the experimental verification of theories dealing with the emergence of mass and structure the universe. One of a string of experimental data processing equipment is the Trigger module, which was developed at the Department of Applied Electronics and Telecommunications.

The last winner was Jakub Jiřinec from the Department of Electrical Power Engineering and Environmental Engineering. His project is focused on the long-term measurement of environmental parameters in classrooms with a heat recovery unit to determine when the permissible CO2 concentration is exceeded. At the same time it monitors temperature and humidity and during its measurement, the operating states of the regenerative unit are recorded and its efficiency measured.
Special scholarships from the hands of the Rector of the University and Mayor of the city of Pilsen gained two students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. The scholarships are awarded to students who represent their alma mater in international competitions and obtained good results. This year's scholarship of the City of Pilsen was awarded to the FEE student Martin Vítek, who developed a unique laboratory device for magnetic field mapping, and his project won at the student competition SVOČ FEE UWB 2018. Additional exceptional scholarship of the Rector of University for sport achievements earned Dominik Soukup in fire sport.