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Smart textiles technology forum

Regional Innovation Center for Electrical Engineering (RICE) and consulting firm Horní Falc organized a technology forum at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen (UWB).

RICE was introduced by the operational director Petr Frýbl. He outlined the current technology solutions in IoT and a researcher of RICE Petr Kašpar continued presenting our center afterwards.

Participants become familiar with Pilsen and Bavarian companies but also with their R&D products. There was a demonstration of their use in industry, services and even in production too.

People were able to see the modern interiors of the innovation center during the breaks where they were carried out by professional staff.

In the last stage Radek Soukup, Center Researcher and Tomáš Pekař, representative of Holík International company, presented a fire-fighting suit and gloves SmartPro popular smart fabric in these days which was developed in RICE.