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Department courses

Abbreviation Name Semester
KTE/ATE Application of the Theory of El. Eng. Summer
KTE/APE Applications of PC´s in El. Engineering Winter
KTE/PNZ Computer Design of Electrical Equipment Summer
KTE/PMPS Computer Modelling of Industrial Systems Winter
KTE/PPEL Computer Support in El. Engineering Winter
KTE/TAM Developing applic.for the mobile devices Summer
KTE/VEZ Development of Electrical Devices Summer
KTE/SPE Electrical and Electronic Appliances Winter
KTE/E Electrical Engineering Summer
KTE/EDPE Electrodynamics for Industrial El. Eng. Summer
KTE/EDEE Electrodynamics in El. Power Eng. Winter
KTE/ECH Electrochemistry Summer
KTE/TEMP Electromagnetic field theory Summer
KTE/ZPE Fundamentals of Programming for El. Eng. Summer
KTE/DET History of Electrical Engineering Winter
KTE/IT Information Technology Summer
KTE/UE Introduction to Electrical Engineering Winter
KTE/USE Introduction to Study of Electical Engin Winter
KTE/MEL Modeling and simulation in el. engineer. Winter
KTE/OLE Optimization in Electrical Engineering Summer
KTE/TEVSK Selected Parts - Theory of El. Eng. Winter
KTE/QSP1 Semester Project 1 Winter
KTE/QSP2 Semester project 2 Summer
KTE/QSP3 Semester project 3 Summer
KTE/QSP4 Semester project 4 Winter
KTE/QSP5 Semester project 5 Summer
KTE/SAEO Seminar on the Analysis of El. Circuits Summer
KTE/STE Seminar on the Theory of El. Eng. Summer
KTE/TEVS Theory of El. Eng. - Selected Parts Winter
KTE/TE2K Theory of electrical engineering Summer
KTE/YTE1 Theory of Electrical Engineering 1 Summer
KTE/YTE2 Theory of Electrical Engineering 2 Winter
KTE/ZSTE Thesis related seminar from Theory of EI Summer
KTE/KDP Thesis Tutorial Summer
KTE/KZP Thesis Tutorial Summer
KTE/PED Tools for El. Eng. Documentation Winter
KTE/UPPK Use of SW in Commercial El. Eng. Summer