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Department courses

Abbreviation Name Semester
KEE/TOO Air Protection Techniques Winter
KEE/ZETP Basic of electroheat processes Winter
KEE/BIE Bioenergetics Winter
KEE/POE Computers in Power Engineering Summer
KEE/ETEE Ecology and New Technologies Winter
KEE/EEN Economy in Power Engineering Summer
KEE/PIR Electric Distribution Network Design Winter
KEE/SNREE Electric Power Distribution Summer
KEE/SNVEE Electric Power Generation Summer
KEE/SNUEE Electric Power Utilization Summer
KEE/ELS Electric Switching Stations and Lines Winter
KEE/EPRS Electrical Apparatus Summer
KEE/EPR1 Electrical Apparatus 1 Summer
KEE/SBET Electrical Engineering Summer
KEE/SNELT Electrical Engineering Summer
KEE/SNEAE Electrical Engineering and Power Systems Summer
KEE/ESV Electrical Lighting Summer
KEE/SNEEA Electrical Power Engineering A Summer
KEE/EE1 Electrical Power Engineering 1 Summer
KEE/EE2 Electrical Power Engineering 2 Winter
KEE/EPRE Electric.Apparatus in Power Engineering Winter
KEE/ETS Electroheat in Mechanical Engineering Winter
KEE/EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility Summer
KEE/SNETS Electronics and Telecomunication Systems Summer
KEE/OŽP Environmental Conservation Winter
KEE/SBTEK Environmental Engineering Summer
KEE/SNTE Environmental Engineering Summer
KEE/ZBP Fundamentals of Safety at Work Winter
KEE/TTS Heating Plants and Heat Networks Summer
KEE/TVN High Voltage Engineering Winter
KEE/PE Industrial Power Engineering Winter
KEE/ENG1 Introduction to engineering study Winter
KEE/SVT Lighting Engineering Summer
KEE/MMEE Management and Marketing in EE Summer
KEE/MR Measur., Reg. and Contr. of El. Networks Summer
KEE/SNMAD Measurement and Diagnostics Summer
KEE/JE Nuclear Power Plants Winter
KEE/PEJE Oper. of El. Part of Nucl. Power Plants Summer
KEE/SZ Power equipment Winter
KEE/PEC Power Equipment Design Summer
KEE/MS Power Network Modelling Winter
KEE/E1 Power Plants I Winter
KEE/E2 Power Plants II Summer
KEE/ZVE Power sources and production Winter
KEE/PRAX Practical Training Summer
KEE/OPA Presentation of Techn. Topics on English Winter
KEE/OZS Protection and Safety Systems Winter
KEE/BPRE Safety Regulations in El. Engineering Winter
KEE/EKV Safety Regulations Update Winter
KEE/OEK Safety Regulations Update Winter
KEE/QSP3 Semester project 3 Summer
KEE/QSP4 Semester project 4 Winter
KEE/QSP5 Semester project 5 Summer
KEE/SOES Solar Power Electric Systems Summer
KEE/PEE Survey of Electrical Power Engineering Summer
KEE/EZ Technical equipment in buildings EZ Winter
KEE/PPJE Technical Training et the Nuclear Power Summer
KEE/TPR Theory of El.Power Transmiss.and Distr. Winter
KEE/DSEE2 Thesis Related Seminar Summer
KEE/DSEE1 Thesis Related Seminar Winter
KEE/DSAE2 Thesis Related Seminar Summer
KEE/ZSTEK Thesis Related Seminar Summer
KEE/DSAE1 Thesis Related Seminar Winter
KEE/KZP Thesis Tutorial Summer
KEE/KDP Thesis Tutorial Summer
KEE/PJS Transient Phenomena in Electr. Networks Winter
KEE/TOH Waste Management Systems Winter
KEE/VEN Water Plants and Non-conventional Energy Summer
KEE/TOV Water Protection Techniques Summer