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5 reasons why I should study doctoral studies at FEE in Pilsen:

1. Possibility to joint he FEE/RICE team and to get a job during the studies in unique internationally acknowledged FEE/RICE teams.

2. Opportunity to learn from supervisors who are world-renowned experts. Cooperating with them will give you a job reference that would otherwise be inaccessible to you.

3. Collaboration on world-class R & D projects, collaboration with the most important industrial enterprises.

4. Possibility to travel around the world. You will gain interesting contacts and meet important personalities at international conferences and internships..

What is the standard length of study?

4 years in full-time or combined form.

Am I entitled to dormitory?

Yes, students of the doctoral study have the opportunity to be accommodated in the dormitory. In addition, you are eligible for the same student benefits as bachelor or master students.

What are the responsibilities during study?

The duties are always defined individually for each Ph.D. student. During your studies, you will work on a selected research assignment and engage in a number of scientific projects. Normally you will pass five professional exams to complement your professional skills to successfully cope with your specialist topic. You will be involved in working with students, you will publish the results of your scientific work. You will travel and attend a professional internship at a prestigious foreign workplace.

Can I change the form of study, my dissertation topic and my supervisor during studies?

Yes, the student may switch from the full-time course to the combined one and vice versa. He / she may also change the subject of the dissertation and the supervisor but all changes must be approved and discussed by the FEE Doctoral Study Board or the FEE Scientific Board.

Where can I find the dissertation topics?

The topics are published here .

What is the deadline for submitting the application?

The application can be submitted by June 20, 2019. You can find the application here.

Where can I get more information about admission and study?

More information can be found on the website or you can contact the study coordinator Mrs. Jana Lepičová (e-mail: lepic@fel.zcu.cz, phone: +420 37763 4015).

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