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Science and Research

The faculty activities are focused on a wide spectrum of topics in the field of scientific research.

The main research of the faculty is concentrated in the Regional Innovation Centre of Electrical Engineering, built from the Operational Program Research and Development for Innovation (OP R & DI). During its existence, RICE has been involved in research and industrial projects with a total budget of over two billion crowns. The RICE has already achieved a number of excellent results. It has obtained several patents, including European ones, a number of awards from international conferences and exhibitions, or publication of articles in the most prestigious journals. In cooperation with industry partners, it has developed successful products such as the REMCS modular control system, pixel detectors or systems for vehicles, firefighting suits and gloves.

A list of projects and an overview of publications generated from the university database can be found in the menu on the left.

Contact person:

Osobní fotografie

prof. Ing. Zdeněk Peroutka, Ph.D.

Rank: Dean, CEO of RICE
E-mail: pero@kev.zcu.cz
Phone: 37763 4000