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Television engineering
Audio engineering - model of the human ear
Special laboratory of microscopy
Frantisek Krizik Award - Statue Elektra
Laboratory of Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Report on smart bedding sheets

    On Saturday, October 6, 2018, a report on smart bedding sheets was broadcast on Radio Radiožurnál, which is being developed at the Rice Innovation Center at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, UWB.

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  • Seminar "How to Build a Complete IoT Solution"

    The Faculty of Electrical Engineering, in cooperation with the IQRF Alliance, organized at the faculty a specialized seminar "How to build a complete IoT solution".

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  • Smart firefighter suit at Scientist's Nights

    On Friday 5th October 2018, at the Techmania Science Center in Pilsen, an exhibition of the Regional Innovation Center of Electrical Engineering (RICE) of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen (UWB) was held as part of the fourteenth edition of the popular nationwide Night of Scientists.

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